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Returning September 2024
Sat. Sep. 3

10:00-10:50 am----- Ka Hale Hula o Pilialoha- Hawaiian Hula Dancers


Frisbee Dogs


11:05-12:00 pm——Warren Takahashi and Friends


 Frisbee Dogs


12:15-1:05 pm----- Ka Hale Hula o Pilialoha- Hawaiian Hula


Frisbee Dogs


1:20-1:40 pm----- Tina’s Ports of Paradise Reunion “A celebration of Auntie Tina Tuitama-Vainuku”


Frisbee Dogs


1:55-2:55 pm----- Aloha Hula Studio------------Tahitian Dance and Drumming 


Frisbee Dogs or Freestyle Demo.


3:15-4:30 pm----- Free Love Project 805 


4:50-6:10 pm----- Jacob Marquez and the Good Vibes 


6:30-8:00 pm----- Morie & the Heavy Hitters


8:00---------------- CLOSE

Sun. Sep. 4

10:00-10:50 am----- Ka Hale Hula o Pilialoha --Hawaiian Hula Dancers 



Frisbee Dogs


11:05-12:00 pm----- Warren Takahashi and Friends– 


Frisbee Dogs


12:15-1:05pm----- Ka Hale Hula o Pilialoha – Hawaiian Hula Dancers 


Frisbee Dogs 


1:20-2:10 pm----- Jill Martini and the Shrunken Heads—Aloha Music


Frisbee Dogs


2:30-3:15——— Keyth & the Universouls 


3:35-4:30 pm ----- Heavy Rotation


4:50-6:10 pm----- The Question


6:30-8:00 pm----- Rising Son


8:00---------------- CLOSE

IMPORTANT NOTES:    Set times may fluctuate depending on Aloha dancers and Frisbee Dog shows preceding.

Please arrive an hour before your set time (or more) so we can get you checked in, credentialed, sound check and all that jazz. And maybe have time to relax before your set!

Aloha staff will be on hand to direct band members for VIP passes and gear load in.



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